ProfileXT® (PXT)

The ProfileXT® is an assessment tool for pre-employment screening and job applicant selection.

Created by a team of experts to produce the first and most accurate “Total Person” assessment that measures people against an established job role or performance model. This assessment answers these three questions:

  1. CAN they do the job?
  2. HOW will they do the job?
  3. Do they WANT to do the job?

Once the person has been tested, the hiring manager will receive very detailed reports that will guide them in the interviewing process, managing and coaching the person, and creating the right teams around this person. The process from start to finish is very fast, efficient and a fraction of the cost of what was done in the past.

The online system used allows for fast and often immediate processing of results and reports so decisions can be made on time.  More information about ProfileXT can be found at:

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