Hiring the Right Person

Reviewing a Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) during an interview will only give you a 26% chance of making the right choice. (Prof Mike Smith, University of Manchester, 1994). Numerous other studies support the need for not just testing, but careful testing of Cognition, Personality and Interests against a job profile that will raise your choice success to 75%

The critical role of Job Matching

Psychometric Assessments Or Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is a scientific process of reliably and accurately measuring a person’s ability, style, and passion for performing a particular job, role or task. As we have improved in our understanding of human behaviour and applied more robust technology, we can get realistic snapshot of who a person really is and how they will act in a variety of scenarios.

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Myers Briggs (MBTI)

The Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality assessment is useful for learning your Behavioural Type in understanding Team Dynamics and what styles of behaviour will present in any given role. This can also be fun exercise for teams to understand each other’s “types” or “codes” so can better appreciate how people are different and how they do things.

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Profile XT

The ProfileXT is the best, most up to date assessment tool for pre-employment screening and job applicant selection. It provides easy to understand results that companies can use to perfectly match the right person to the right job.

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Emotional Intelligence (EQI 2.0)

Emotional Intelligence, simply explained, is the ability to understand and manage not only your emotions, but also the emotions of others. The EQI 2.0 is a world-wide respected assessment tool that accurately measures this ability which has proven to be more essential than IQ in predicting success.

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Profiles Sales Assessment (PSA)

Profile Sales Assessment or PSA is an adapted Profile XT which measures specific sales related behaviors that are essential in predicting success in any Sales Representative or Sales Management position.

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Honesty and Integrity assessment (SOSII)

The SOSII is a unique assessment that cleverly measures a person’s propensity or predisposition to lying, stealing and abusing substances. This is used as a pre-hire assessment tool to help you flag any potentially risky employee.

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Customer Service Perspective

The Customer Service Perspective (CSP) is a psychometric assessment aimed at all staff involved in customer service. It identifies eight Behavioral Characteristics and two verbal and numerical proficiencies that are essential to extraordinary customer care. This is the information needed to select, coach and train your people to deliver world-class customer service matched specifically to your organisation. Customer service is not just about excellent customer service but consistent customer service right across the board.

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Job Matching

Job Matching is the science of measuring a person’s skills and attributes against those needed by a certain job or role. Before a Job Match can be done, a detailed Performance Model needs to be created so you can have a standard to compare a candidate to. Our software will carefully guide you in setting up all your needed performance models so you can easily and seamlessly assess any potential hire against any needed role in your company. Once in the job, the Performance Model will also guide coaching and training efforts. We have a library of 1000’s of international standards and Job profiles to use or guide the creation of your own performance model. Let us help you create these today.

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