Racial Bias

We live in a very diverse world of different cultures and perspectives.

There is always a need for raised awareness and appreciation of the unique contributions of what everyone can make. No one is better or less than the other, yet as human beings we tend to place people in boxes that are often created by a lack of understanding and appreciation.

Assessing Bias in any setting will help companies and business teams appreciate diversity and become more cohesive and productive.

Our Product

We have created a textured methodology designed to understand attitudes towards people who are different to ourselves. This qualitative content will then direct the education and training of your people to be more effective together.

How we do it: Our Methodology

Wilford Scholes has partnered with Sympler, a marketing and brand expert that have designed a unique information gathering product that is able to extract the emotions, attitudes and perceptions of people to guide this understanding and training program.


With the combined experience of psychologists, educators, and brand experts, Wilford Scholes and Sympler have the tools to both understand where you are with embracing diversity and what you can do to positively affect your culture of respect, integrity and inclusion.

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