Leadership skills

We used to believe that there was an ideal personality profile that epitomized the perfect leader. We have come to learn that no such thing exists as there are so many different types of successful leaders out there. There are however a few universally accepted skills that every leaders has to have no matter what their personality style. One of those is the ability to influence others. Without followers a leader is merely taking a walk. We believe we have come to understand some of the key ingredients of what leadership really is through our own experience and learning. We draw upon a vast amount of research and have assessment tools to understand which of these you may be skilled at or may be lacking. Consequently we will assist you in the training and coaching of these skills and help you become the best leader you can given your unique style and personal Brand.

Colin Wilford has designed a process called “12 Steps to Successful Leadership” which has been successfully delivered to many teams around the world. Topics covered include

  • What exactly is Leadership
  • The Power of the Right Attitude
  • Importance of Integrity
  • How to Manage Change
  • Problem Solving
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Stress Management
  • The Power of Vision
  • Building Teams
  • Personality Differences and how to manage them
  • Self-Discipline
  • Developing People

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