Creating your culture

Culture is very much a conscious thing to ensure that we have the right environment for our people, to ensure that our customers and clients feel confident that we can deliver or support them in what they’re doing, so it’s both unconscious and conscious the way culture is created. We have a very unique culture here which is always what people feel when they come here, it’s always quite different. People, when they spend time with us, want to work with us and want to work for us because we have such a unique and enjoyable culture.

Every company has their own culture and we don’t realise just how naturally this is created by the leadership. I did an MBA study with a friend. He was looking at how the CEOs of companies’ values and personalities actually create a culture without them realising it. Most companies will work hard to create their own culture, even if the leadership might be slightly different or not aligned to that.

I think one of the biggest benefits to the employer, is loyalty. Us as a company, if we create the right culture, where people feel happy, people feel safe, they feel valued they feel appreciated, they feel like they’re part of a team – they will always loyal to a company.

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