Change Management

The only constant in life is change! You must either embrace that fact and go with it or you will be left behind and may struggle to catch up. Change will always happen in business, it will always happen in your personal life, this is an undeniable fact that we must learn how to manage or we will always be stressed, angry and anxious. When you learn to accept change, embrace change, and learn from change, you will feel more in control which will result in happiness and confidence.

Why do we always resist change?

  • Routine becomes a habit
  • Fear of the unknown
  • The purpose is unclear
  • Fear of failure
  • People are happy with the way things are:
  • Narrow mindedness
  • Tradition – provides ritualistic security
  • Change may mean personal loss
  • Change requires major commitment

The evolutionary process of change

  • Ignorance – In the dark
  • Information – General info given to people
  • Infusion – penetration of new ideas cause resistance
  • Individual change – “early adopters” begin to see  the benefits of the proposed change.
  • Organisational change – move towards greater openness
  • Awkward Application – some successes and some failures are experienced.
  • Integration – Awkwardness decreases and the acceptance level increases.
  • Innovation – Significant results create confidence and willingness to take risks. The result is willingness to change

Creating a climate for change in your company

  • Develop trust (both ways)
  • Make personal changes (lead by example)
  • Understand the History of the organisation
  • Place influencers in leadership positions (Top 20 %)
  • Get the support of the influencers before going public
  • Develop a meeting agenda to assist change
  • Encourage influencers to influence others informally (Leaks)
  • Show people how change will benefit them
  • Give them ownership of change

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