Testing habits verses new science.

The Myers Briggs or MBTI was first used in 1962 and has become well known as the “go-to” personality test for many companies and organizations and recruiters as they try and fill jobs and create teams. Yet from the MBTI official handbook we read …” It is not ethical to use the MBTI instrument for hiring or for deciding job assignments.”

The reason they state this so clearly is because they know that the MBTI only gives you a personality code. It does not include the “total person” and a job profile comparison, thus making it an unreliable test on its own. To make such an important hiring decision could cost you 100’s of 1000’s of US Dollars down the line. It’s also important to note that the Extravert-Introvert, Sensing-Intuition, and Judging-Perceiving Subscales only has reliabilities of around 0.75 and that the Thinking-Feeling sub-scale has a reliability of 0.61 which is below the trusted 0.75 mark.

The Profile XT was developed in the late 1990’s and was created to address previous inaccuracies in testing for job placement and hiring. The Profile XT has been designed to give you so much more as you not only have a full Personality Profile but you also have a Learning and Reasoning assessment, a full Occupational Interest assessment, and all those scores are then compared to a well-defined Job-Profile that gives you a Job-Match percentage. Thus the Profile XT can ethically be used to assess for hiring and for deciding job assignments and to make it even more trustworthy, it has a reliability co-efficient of 0.82 which is one of the highest in the industry.

More testing professionals who understand the science, will trust the Profile XT over the MBTI with hiring decisions without hesitation!

The Profile XT takes the guesswork out of choosing the right person. It gives you everything you need to know so you don’t waste time and money. Research has proven that just using the MBTI, DISC, OPQ, PI or any other traditionally used psychometric test will only give you a 38% chance of making the right hiring decision. The Profile XT testing system will raise you decision making accuracy to 75%. (: Professor Mike Smith, University of Manchester, August 1994. John E. Hunter and Ronda F. Hunter, Validity and Utility of Alternative Predictors of Job Performance, Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 96, No.1, 1984, p. 90. Robert P Tett, Douglas N. Jackson, and Mitchell Rothstein, Personality Measures as Predictors of Job Performance: A Meta-Analytical Review, Personnel Psychology, Winter 1991, p.703. Michigan State University’s School of Business.

Despite all the proven science and research people still go back to what they know. And what they have done in the past. We have moved on since the Model T Ford! The assessment world now has new improved assessments and science to back it up. The Profile XT is currently that world leader you can trust. It will give you the edge in your hiring and recruiting.

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