Research consistently shows that the majority of people are either in the wrong career, or are unhappy in their current careers.

In the USA 53% are unhappy with their current career choice.
The main reason for this unhappy reality is because high school, college, and university students typical choose subjects and degrees that they believe will be interesting and might make them a good living.

Parents also play a big role in encouraging certain careers. From careers they themselves are doing (or wish they have done). Another is encouraging careers they believe will be best suited to their child’s interests and abilities.

For all these reasons, many schools recognize the value of doing career assessments. They currently use a battery of tests that typically measure combinations of personality, interests and values, cognitive ability and skill. Some only test for interest, some only do skills and some only use the familiar personality tests that have been around for as long as 50 years. Professional career counsellors have learnt that it’s essential to test for all of these factors to ensure that the best career choice advice is given to a student who is making life shaping decisions.


Until recently there has not been one test or one product that will measure all these key factors needed in making a career choice

This means that data from multiple tests has had to be independently collated and synthesized. We are delighted to announce that there is one tool, one psychometric test, that has undeniable validity and reliability in understanding you as a “Total Person”. This assessment tool is called the Profile XT and not only does it more accurately measure your abilities, personality and interests, but it also takes an important further step in comparing you to a library of 1000’s of career or job profiles to objectively match the types of jobs your unique profile will best map onto.

With our increasing mindfulness of wellbeing, something that is increasingly being recognised by employers and employees is that each job has its own set of particular emotional demands which in turn generates different kinds of stress points and levels. Consequently, students are now increasingly demanding the inclusion of an Emotional Intelligence assessment to make sure they have the right profile to deal with the specific emotional rigors of a particular job. We highly recommend the inclusion of this measure alongside the Profile XT to evaluate the emotional compatibility of a given career.

Wilford Scholes has a vastly experienced professional team that only uses the best contemporary tools available to ensure you have accurate and deep information in an easy to read format specifically related to relevant career profiles. We take a personal interest in giving you the self-understanding you need to get on with developing the career that will be most productive for you and make you happy and give you fulfilment. We have a reputation for getting it right.

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